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Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Last of The Ice - Today at Bugswoth

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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Back Boating!

Well with so many customers still needing pumpouts we have decide to an extra run this weekend. Today we boated from High Lane to Poyton, back to Marple and through to our mooring at Furness Vale. There were a lot of people very pleased to see us and so many people were appreciative of our efforts over the past few weeks.

Tomorrow we will head into Whaley & Bugsworth, then Back to Marple. On Monday we will head towards Macclesfield & Fools Nook

Our next run on the Macc & Peak Forest will be on 30 th Jan to 1st Feb running 1-way from Fools Nook to Whaley Bridge. We will then operate fortnightly from Whaley Bridge to Whitley Green (Bollington) until mid March (due to stoppage)

On Wed 27th March we will be delivering by road to Sandbach & Anderton areas.
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