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Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas 2009 in the Snow & Ice

A Merry Christmas and a Happy & a Prosperous New Year to all our friends and customers. It has been a tough few days for us in the lead up to Christmas. We managed to get as far as Adlington at 10pm on Saturday 19th, then set off before 7am on Sunday morning. The ice was even thicker at over 2" and we really struggled to make headway. By 10.30pm Sunday we tied up for the night exhausted, but determined to be ready for another early start. Monday 21st December we began icebreaking at 6.30am, but after 3 hours we had only completed 220 yards. We decided that finally we would be sensible and admit defeat, so we resorted to delivery by road (which wasn't without it's problems). A big "thank you !" to all our customers and friends for all your help in getting the job done, our deliveries would have been very difficult without your help. Have a great Christmas.

Alton Ice Breaking on the Macc

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Fender Course - Audlem Mill

We ran a fender making course weekend 31 October 09 - 1st November. Three people attended and completed 2 side fenders (some three) and a standard button. An enjoyable weekend. Our next course will be 6/7 March 2009 at Audlem, cost £95.00 (includes a kit with all materials and instructions to make 2 side fenders, standard button, a buffet lunch and refreshments). Contact Brian on 07791 345004 if you are interested.

Chris (NB Riverdance) completing his standard button

Graham (NB Star), Paul (NB Just the job) constructing a standard button

Friday, October 30, 2009

Altons Winter Schedule 2009

Sat 7th - Sun 8 November: Gurnett, Macc, Marple, to Whaley Bridge

Mon 9th - Tues 10th November: Whaley Bridge, Marple to Macclesfield

Sat 21st - Sun 22nd November : Gurnett, Macc, Marple, to Whaley Bridge

Mon 23rd - Tues 24th November: Whaley Bridge, Marple to Macclesfield

Sat 5th - Sun 6th December: Gurnett, Macc, Marple, to Whaley Bridge

Mon 7th - Tues 8th December: Whaley Bridge, Marple to Macclesfield

Fri 18th - Sat 19th December: Gurnett, Macc, Marple, to Whaley Bridge

Sun 20th - Mon 21st December: Whaley Bridge to Furness Vale

Sat 2nd January 2010 - Sun 3rd January: Furness Vale to Bollington

Mon 4th - Tues 5th January: Bollington to Fools Nook

How we shall miss these times!

Ploughing through the weed on the Wryley and Essington Canal.

George down the weed hatch again on the Wryley and Essington Canal.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Tug & Butty Trip

Well, we have had a brilliant few days boating with George Boyles new tug Sandbach towing our butty St Austell from Sneyd on the Curley Wryley up to the Macc. Thanks for the snatch George & thanks for your help Craig & Graham.

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Altons Autumn Schedule 2009

Thursday 3rd September: Furness Vale, Whaley Bridge & Bugsworth

Sat 5th - Sun 6th September: Furness Vale, Marple, Maccelsfield to Br45 Return

Thurs 17th September: Furness Vale, Whaley Bridge & Bugsworth

Sat 19th - Sun 20th September: Furness Vale, Marple, Maccelsfield to Marple

Mon 21st - Tues 22nd September: Marple to Ashton-under-Lyne to Furness Vale

Thurs 24th September: Furness Vale, Whaley Bridge & Bugsworth

Sat 26th - Sun 27th September:Furness Vale, Marple, Maccelsfield to Congelton

Mon 28th - Wed 30th September: Congelton, Red Bull, Wheelock, Middlewich to Nantwich

Thur 1st - Fri 2nd October: Nantwich, Middlewich, Anderton to Acton Bridge (River Weaver)

Sat 3rd - Sun 4th October: Acton Bridge Steam Weekend on River Weaver (Leigh Arms)

Mon 5th - Fri 9th October: Anderton, Middlewich, Red Bull, Congelton to Gurnett

Sat 10th - Sun 11th October: Gurnett, Maccelsfield, Marple, Bugsworth to Whaley Bridge

Mon 12th - Fri 16th October: Whaley Bridge, Stoke, Great Heywood to Wolverhampton

Sat 17th - Fri 23rd October: Wolverhampton, Great Heywood, Stoke to Gurnett

Sat 24th - Sun 25th October: Gurnett, Macc, Marple, to Whaley Bridge

Mon 26th - Tues 27th October: Whaley Bridge, Marple to Maccelsfield

Thursday, August 06, 2009

Altons Movements August 2009

Friday 7th August: Furness Vale, Whaley Bridge, Bugsworth to Marple

Sat 8th - Sunday 9th August: Marple to Etruria

Mon 10th - Friday 14th August: Etruria, Red Bull, Wheelock, Middlewich, Natwich to Anderton

Sat 15th - Sunday 16th August: River Weaver

Monday 17th - Friday 21st August: Anderton, Middlewich, Wheelock, Red Bull, to Maccelsfield

Sat 22nd - Sunday 23rd August: Maccelsfield, Marple, Bugsworth to Whaley Bridge

Friday, July 24, 2009

Country Tracks on BBC1

Following filming at Furness Vale and Bugsworth Basin last March, Alton will be staring in Country Tracks on BBC1 on Sunday 2nd August at 11am being steered by Ben Fogle. Brian managed to avoid the limelight

Ben was a thoroughly nice chap, just hope he doesn't loose his beloved rucksack!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Alton's Movements - July 2009

In Photo, Brian re-stocking Alton from Skylark whilst working up chester locks!
Sat 11th - Sun 12th July: Furness Vale - Marple - Macc - Lyme Green (Br 45) & Return

Thurs 23rd July: Furness Vale - Whaley Bridge & Bugsworth

Sat 25th - Sun 26th July: Furness Vale - Marple - Macc - Lyme Green (Br 45) & Return

Congratulations to Corinne & Neil

On my way back up the Macc I was stopped for a top-up of diesel by Corinne & Neil of Canal Voyages on thier hotel boats. They are a lovely couple and I was able to congratulate them on thier marriage earlier this year. If you are looking for narrowboat hotel break then check out thier website

River Weaver / T&M Update

Alton had a busy couple of weeks attending Middlewich folk and boat festival and a trip on the River Weaver where we managed to travel the whole navigation from Winsford Flashes right down to the entrance to Weston Point Docks with George Boyle and Craig as crew. We also met up with Fred & Sadie on the Josher Lynx at Saltesford Lock.

We met many new customers especially on the Northern T&M, thanks for your support and we will be back in the area in August

Monday, March 09, 2009

Trip on Alton April 2009

(In Photo:- George Boyle Steering Alton and Graham Beard riding shot gun!)

Well with Ann Marie away in sunny Australia I am being ably assisted on weekend runs by our friend Graham Beard, (if he asks you about the name of yor boat, don't be offended, he's just intrested in unusual boat names!). On March 2nd we were graced by George Boyles presence on the run back from Disley to Furness Vale. It was good to see him back on the Tiller.

Next Runs are:-

Thursday 23rd April 2009 - Whaley Bridge and Bugsworth Basin to Marple
Friday 24th April 2009 - Marple to Portland Basin
Saturday 25th April 2009 - Portland Basin to Furness Vale

If you need supplies, call or text Brian on 07791 345004

Friday, February 13, 2009

Next Trips on Alton

(Photo:- Alton Delivering to Dutton Lock Cottage Oct 2008)

June 2009

Middlewich - Thursday 18th June 09 - Sunday 21st June 09
Middlewich to River Weaver - Sunday 21st June 09 to Wednesday 24th June 09
River Weaver to top of Bosley - Wednesday 24th June 09 to Friday 26th June 09
Bosley to Marple - Saturday 27th June 09
Marple to Whaley Bridge and Bugsworth - Sunday 28th June 09

Please note we often overrun onto Monday as we can be very busy.

NOTE:- We have now commenced more regular trips to Ashton-Under-Lyme as well as covering the area previously operarted by Chris Johnson of Fenny Fuels including Middlewich, Anderton and the River Weaver. We aim to cover these areas at least every 2 - 3 months. If possible please text or phone your orders to Brian on 07791 345004. If we are unable to supply immediately by boat we may be able to deliver by road

Alton Coal Run Winter 2008/9

As our customers will know the weather has thrown it all at us over the past few weeks,. Thick ice (over 3") in early january, followed by high winds in early Feb and then of course the snow! Whatever the weather we always do our utmost to supply our customers. This Photo shows us returning back along the Upper Peak Forest on 02/02/09. Thanks to all our customers who keep us going with the cups of tea, coffee, soup as well as bacon butties and cake. You make us feel warm on the inside when it's cold on the outside!