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Friday, March 05, 2010

BW Maintenance Work on the Macc

This winter has been a frustrating one for us with scheduled stoppages not starting on time, exasperated by poor communication of these changes from BW. However we are very happy that some significant maintenance work is actually taking place.

At Marple the very poor moorings between bridges 2 & 3 have been the subject of a lot of work including dredging & piling, we just hope they are now deep enough to get Alton somewhere near the bank.

Current Prices March 2010

Our current price list for fuels is as follows:-

Diesel 68p/l base price (plus appropriate propulsion duty at your chosen declaration)
Taybrite (20Kg) - £8.50
Pureheat (20Kg) - £8.25
Anthracite (20Kg) - £7.75
Oxglow (20Kg) - £7.50
Housecoal (20Kg) - £6.50
Petcoke (20Kg) - £6.25
Logs - £4.50 / £3.25
Blazers - £3.95
Kindling - £3.25

We now also stock Parrafin in pre-packed 4 litre containers at £6.00