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Friday, November 13, 2020

Consider This Proposal.


We are consultancy firm situated in Bahrain currently looking to finance new or existing projects in any industry.

Currently we are sourcing for opportunities for our review and consideration and would be delighted to discuss further.

Please feel free to contact us.


Shaffiq Ayaz

Thursday, November 12, 2020

Dragonfly Inspired Holiday Merch

Dragonfly Shirt

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Did you know that a Dragonfly can fly both inside and out, drift, and make unexpected turns? With its fast dashing developments, the Dragonfly gives off an impression of being a living blaze of light. It is the state bug of Alaska since its flying is suggestive of the dexterous shrubbery pilots' moves. The Dragonfly is likewise an awesome image of progress and self-acknowledgment, bringing a feeling of happiness and daintiness to life.

Christmas Sweatshirt

This extraordinarily hand painted Christmas trinket ball is fastidiously planned with a delightful dragonfly and covered with leaves. This dragonfly knick-knack ball can be a pleasant expansion to your Christmas beautifications particularly on the off chance that you are into the nature topic.

Inspired by Pinterest:
The dragonfly represents change, and it has more force in its wings than different creepy crawlies. In the event that you have a companion or relative who has conquered snags, and changed to better themselves, this trimming can be a suggestion to your adored one of how solid you think they are.
There's nothing very like get-together 'round the Christmas tree to design with family. They include handcrafted plans for that valid and arrive in a reusable stockpiling holder for safety's sake. Deck the lobbies with seasonal happiness, and prepare for a Christmas you won't overlook! Bring a fly of shading and shine to your Christmas tree with this basic.

Stunning and loaded with breezy allure, our dimensional dragonflies in our luminous shade makes certain to carry gleam to your vacation tree.

You can utilize this adorable for a vacation or to embellish your place, it's certainly one of a kind and fabulous than others.

Wednesday, November 11, 2020

FormaciĆ³n Bonificable 2020

Buenos días

Desde FOESCO os informamos que se encuentra abierto el plazo de inscripción para
la presente y ÚLTIMA CONVOCATORIA 2020 de Cursos Bonificables.

Recordamos que los cursos van dirigidos a empleados en activo y en situación
de ERTE y son totalmente bonificables con cargo al Crédito de Formación

Si vuestra empresa todavía dispone de Crédito de Formación 2020 esta es la
última oportunidad para poder consumirlo.

Deseáis que os mandemos la información?

Quedamos a la espera de vuestra respuesta.

Saludos cordiales.

Alex Pons
Director FOESCO.

FOESCO Formación Estatal Continua.
Entidad Organizadora: B200592AA
Tel: 910 323 794
(Horario de 9h a 15h y de 17h a 20h de Lunes a Viernes)

FOESCO ofrece formación a empresas y trabajadores en activo a través de
cursos bonificados por la Fundación Estatal para la Formación en el Empleo
(antiguo FORCEM) que gestiona las acciones formativas de FORMACIÓN CONTINUA
para trabajadores y se rige por la ley 30/2015 de 9 de Septiembre.

Antes de imprimir este e-mail piense bien si es necesario hacerlo. Before
printing this e-mail please think twice if you really need it. FOESCO Tfno:
910 382 880 Email: La información transmitida en este
mensaje está dirigida solamente a las personas o entidades que figuran en el
encabezamiento y contiene información confidencial, por lo que, si usted lo
recibiera por error, por favor destrúyalo sin copiarlo, usarlo ni
distribuirlo, comunicándolo inmediatamente al emisor del mensaje. De
conformidad con lo dispuesto en el Reglamento Europeo del 2016/679, del 27
de Abril de 2016, FOESCO le informa que los datos por usted suministrados
serán tratados con las medidas de seguridad conformes a la normativa vigente
que se requiere. Dichos datos serán empleados con fines de gestión. Para el
ejercicio de sus derechos de transparencia, información, acceso,
rectificación, supresión o derecho al olvido, limitación del tratamiento ,
portabilidad de datos y oposición de sus datos de carácter personal deberá
dirigirse a la dirección del Responsable del tratamiento a C/ LAGUNA DEL
<> y "ENVIAR" o a traves de la
dirección de correo electrónico:

Monday, November 09, 2020

Biden Trolls Trump With We Just Did Merch

Here's the place where to purchase the 'we just did 46' hat that has Joe Biden fans inquisitive on Twitter. This is what it implies. There are shirts to purchase as well.

We Just Did 46 Hat Official -

The expectation was through the rooftop however the outcome was at last reached on Saturday, November seventh 2020.

Joe Biden has won the US official political decision and will be initiated as the 46th president on Wednesday, January twentieth 2021.

His allies were celebrating and running to online media to share their contemplations over the weekend and many have just communicated their high expectations.

As featured by CNN Politics, he gave a triumph discourse in his old neighborhood of Wilmington, Delaware, in any event, tending to the individuals who didn't cast a ballot him in: "I comprehend the failure today. I've lost multiple times myself. However, presently, how about we give each other a possibility. This is an ideal opportunity to recuperate in America."

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