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Monday, December 06, 2010

Brian gets refuelled

A big thank-you, to all our customers who have kept us re-fuelled whilst we refuel them. We have had plenty of cups of tea & coffee, toast, cake, mince pies etc. You have all been very kind and kept a smile on our faces over the last few days. You cannot beat the camaraderie of the cut!

In the photo Brian enjoying coffee & toast for breakfast at NB Carbis (thanks Mike & Sue).
Renaissance Canal Carrying - keeping carrying on the canals

Life on the Road

The last 2 days have been long & hectic, doing all our deliveries on the Peak Forest & Macc Canals by road. Back & forth we have gone with the van, wheelbarrow & sack-truck. By tonight we have finished most of our deliveries.

We would like to say a big thank you to all those customers who have minimised or delayed their orders for diesel. We have stretched out our 1000 litres supply and it is now exhausted. We have been extremely annoyed and frustrated by our bulk diesel suppliers, it seems we are just too small a company to hold any sway with them. We have been let down with our promised deliveries, often phones are just being left unanswered, we have pleaded, threatened, cajoled and we still do not know when we can get a delivery from any of our regular suppliers. Please be assured that we are trying absolutely everything to keep our customers warm. If you do need supplies please get in touch and we will do our utmost to supply you with fuel.
Renaissance Canal Carrying - keeping carrying on the canals