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Monday, February 13, 2012

RIP Eleanor McGuigan

It is with great sadness that I have to say that my Mum passed away yesterday 11th February. She had not been well for the last few weeks but her death was still a great shock to us all. Mum was always the linchpin of our family with a heart of gold & would talk to anyone. Her passion was nursing & she worked for 52 years, in hospitals on the Wirral & Liverpool. She loved her work & her family, they were her world. When my terminally ill sister Aileen suffered a stroke last August it hit all the family hard. Aileen came home to my parents and we worked as a family to care for her, but in the end we couldn't cope with her needs & she went into a local care home in November. Mum felt she had failed Aileen & sank into a deep depression, she battled through Christmas to make it a special time for us all. In the New Year she became increasingly ill & run down, getting weaker & weaker. Despite many visits to the doctor nothing was diagnosed, so her sudden death yesterday morning was such a shock to our whole family. We will miss her so much she was a wonderful Mum & Granny.

Obviously we haven't operated Alton this weekend as we've been with the family on the Wirral. Our plans are to head home Monday evening and then run Alton on the Macc from Fools Nook to Marple Tuesday & Wednesday 14th/15th February. We've decided to cancel our Cheshire run with Alton & will instead cover these deliveries by road to allow us to spend more time with the family & help with arrangements.

Finally a big thank you for all the kind words in texts, emails & phone calls, it has meant so much to us.