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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Just a Quick Update

Well not much time for blogging during the past couple of weeks so just a quick update.

My Sister Aileen has had her ups & downs, but unfortunately she's taken a turn for the worse & isn't really able to do much for herself at the moment. I went up to see her yesterday though & she's still able to smoke a fag & raise a smile!

We spent much of last week emptying Aileens house in Stockport which was a sad but necessary job. Then for the rest of the week we've been playing catch up with Ann Marie up to her eyes in paperwork and Brian changing the motor on the fuel pump & servicing Alton's engine.

We are now out delivering with Alton on the Macc this weekend. It's been very busy so far, so it looks like we won't make it to Whaley Bridge until tomorrow (Monday).