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Thursday, June 30, 2011

A Few more Photos

Ian Mac Steering Spey at Middlewich

Rebekah Fuller SteeringSpey at Middlewich

Pearl at Marston
Re-fueling Tudor Rose Cruising Club Boats at Anderton

Alton on the Anderton Boat Lift with the Beautiful Cruiser Jaqueline

Deliveries at Dutton Locks on the Weaver
Cherries Picked at Dutton Locks, Mmmm!

Mel and his Colleague operating Hunts Lock

Proceed at Pimblott's Old Yard
Alton Meeting GUCCCo Royalty Motor Duke on the Weaver

Big Northwich Stirling on the T&M

Tug Kennet at Dutton Dock
British Salt Works, Middlewich

Alton Heading back up the Cheshire Locks

Ann Marie Hiding from the Rain at Hassall Green

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

A Few Photos of our Latest Travels

We've had a very hectic month (even for us) so haven't had much chance to catch up on our blogging, but have managed a few tweets! Anyway as a stop gap we will post up a selection of photos of our latest trip to Nantwich, Chester, Ellesmere Port, Middlewich, River Weaver & Preston Brook.

Swans & Cygnetts on Nest nr Kidsgrove

Evening on the Cheshire Locks

Night Boating on the Cheshire Locks
Tench at Wheelock

Sweden at Wheelock

Swans & Cygnets near Chester
Refuling Radiant in Chester

Alton Arriving at The Port

Apprentices & Volunteers having fun in the Bell Canoes
At the Port

Restoration Work on Mendip

Brian Oiling up Mendip
Peter and Brian Unclothing Alton

Peter helping with the Brasses

Peter at the Tiller