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Saturday, December 04, 2010

The Big Chill

Well after yesterdays ice-breaking, today it has been back out with the van & wheel barrow. We have shifted a couple of tonnes with deliveries to Bridgemont, Furness Vale, New Mills, Strines, Marple, High Lane & Middle Kale. The last journey to Middle Kayle was the most treacherous with a couple of miles of farm tracks to negotiate. Then out with the wheel barrow & sack truck to deliver down the towpath and along the field, over the brook etc, etc.
A big thank you to all those who have mucked in & helped us out today it's been much appreciated.

We are having a well earned, early night tonight, ready for an early start with deliveries by road around Poynton, Adlington etc tomorrow. If you need supplies please get in touch.
Renaissance Canal Carrying - keeping carrying on the canals

Friday, December 03, 2010

Ice Breaking around Whaley

Yesterday we broke ice from Furness Vale to Whaley Bridge to enable us to load at Whaley Basin today. It was very slow going with the ice 2 to 3 inches thick in places. The journey of just over a mile took us 3 hours, constantly having to back up and get a run up at the ice.

Our loads where delayed, with the coal arriving at 2 (due to the air breaks having frozen on the coal lorry). We have only been able obtain 1000 litres of diesel and are hopiing for more deliveries by the end of the week.

Once loaded we made our deliveries around Whaley, but at the junction up to Bugsworth the ice was over 4 inches thick and it was very slow going, breaking less than half the boats length at a time.

Given the weather conditions and shortage of diesel, we have decided to commence deliveries by road from tomorrow. We are asking people to only order the minimum amount of diesel to cover their requirements for the next too weeks so that we can use our supplies most effectively.

If you do need coal, diesel, gas etc please get in touch & we will arrange delivery.
Renaissance Canal Carrying - keeping carrying on the canals

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Fendermaking Course (Intermediate Level) at Audlem Mill

Over last weekend 27 & 28th October we held our first intermediate level couse in fendermaking  at Audlem Mill. The aim of the course was to provide a more indepth look at fendermaking including different techniques and styles of core building as well as covering using more complex shapes and materials. The fenders produced were vee-bows and tipcats. Our Trainees for the couse where Graham (NB Star), Richard (NB Tawny Owl) and Daniel (NB Emily Ann). Graham had attended our introductory course las year and was a glutton for punishment coming back for more hitching, whilst Richard had some previous ropeworking experience and Daniel had more limited knowledge of fendermaking but was keen to learn more.

On Saturday we looked at the different methods & materials for core building before commencing construction of our cores. Graham was making a tipcat, whilst Richard and Daniel where producing vee-bow fenders.

Above: Graham producing his tipcat core.

Above: Daniel (left) and Richard (right) making their vee-bow fender cores.

By mid-afternoon our cores where complete and hitching the covers could begin. Richard & Graham worked in manila rope whilst Daniel and Brian worked in victory black.

On Saturday evening a few of us from the Canal World Discussion Forum got together for a banter for Jill's (Wrigglefingers) Birthday. We had a lovely evening at the Lord Cobermere Pub in Audlem, with great food, good beer and excellent company. It was great to meet so many forum members in the flesh so to speak and we all had a good natter and a laugh.

After a rather late night we were none too sprightly on Sunday morning, but we soon perked up after a stong cuppa. Now the hitching could begin in earnest. Everyone worked well and soon learnt new techniques for fendermaking. The results of the weekend where very good with Richard completeing his fender in good time and Daniel and Graham just having a little hitching to complete at hope. They produced some great work that they can be very proud off.

Above (left to right) Daniel, Richard and Graham with their work.

Richard has also posted more photos of the weekend on CWDF

Graham, Richard and Daniel were all great students and a real pleasure to work with, it's really satisfying to pass on your knowledge to people that are keen to learn and make teaching fun.

Finally a big thank you to our hosts Peter & Christine Sylvester at Audlem Mill, they looked after us superbly as always with a warm friendly envioroment in which to works and wonderful home cooked food to keep us nourished.

Our next fender making course will be at Audlem Mill on 5/6th March 2011, for more details or to book a place see Audlem Mills website