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Friday, October 15, 2010

Alton Passing Anderton Company Wharf, Middleport

Renaissance Canal Carrying - keeping carrying on the canals

Back up the Hill

Last week we made our return Journey from Acton Bridge on the River Weaver. After serving plenty of customers at the Acton Bridge Gathering and a run down to Dutton with Alex (Bewitched) & Liam (Ariel), we headed back up River in convoy with Sandbach. We got the 4pm passage back up the lift and then headed north to serve a few customers around Barnton before winding near Dutton & mooring up in the dark back at Anderton for a well needed shower. Monday was a lovely sunny day but we soon realised that we had been lucky to get of the River when we did as the Weaver was closed most of the day due to strong flow and levels about a ft up.

We tied up at Wheelock on Monday night retiring to the Cheshire Cheese for a pleasant evening in the company of George & Irene Boyle (Sandbach). Next morning we had a reasonably early start setting off up the hill at 7 and made good steady progress. We reached the tunnel at lunch time & we were waved straight in. We winded at Etruria below Bedford St staircase before stocking up the hotel boats Oak & Ash with Diesel, coal & gas. We stopped here for the night and Brian walked up to Hanley only to find one of his favourite pubs the Coachmakers Arms had shut (we hear it is reopening under a new landlord soon).

On Wednesday we made our way back through the tunnel and up the Macc, getting back to Fools Nook by evening.
Renaissance Canal Carrying - keeping carrying on the canals