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Thursday, September 23, 2010

More Photos of NB Rosemary from Tony Corrie

A few more interesting photos from 1967:-

Above: Rosemary as bought

Mitzi on the tow path

Rosemary after caulking and blacking

Letter from South Africa

We had a lovely couple of e-mails from Tony Corrie in South Africa, recounting some of his memories of buying a working narrowboat in the 1967. He bought a wooden motor called Rosmary from Gas Street Basin, Birmigham from a company call A.J Clarke. The boat had it's engine removed when he purchased so his first job with the help of his brother & a friend was to bow haul the boat down to Stourbridge. At Stourbridge the boat was docked and repairs commenced.

In 1968 Tony sold Rosemary on and emigrated to South Africa. Tony enclosed a number of interesting photos which I have posted below. He may be returning to the UK canals in the future and it would be great to have a pint and a chat with him when he does.

Does anyone know any further history regarding Rosemary? It would be good to know if she is still about today.