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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Family First

I know that this blog is for our business, but as most of our customers are like a big family to us, I thought I would update those that are interested on my Sister Aileen's progress.

Aileen has had a brain tumour for the past 11 years & over that time has had surgery & various sessions of treatments. Near the end of last year she decided to cease any further chemotherapy or radiotherapy as this just wasn't working. Since then her coordination & memory have gradually deteriorated, but she has been grateful for each day she has on earth. She has done a lot of charitable / volunteer work including running art classes & singing workshop & other activities through the Big Life Centre & other organisations in Stockport. We've had some fun times together too, celebrating our Birthdays & just chilling out together.

A fortnight ago Aileen had a bleed on the brain, followed by a stroke & was admitted to Stepping Hill Hospital. She was very ill, barely able to speak & very little memory. We were told there was little hope of improvement. Against the odds, slowly & surely she has improved. Last week she was able to return to my parents home on the Wirral, where we made the dining room into her bedroom & got a hospital bed etc. She is very happy to be back amongst her family.

On her first night home we all sat down around the table with curry & beer to celebrate my Brother Mike's birthday & Aileen's home coming. Since then Aileen has made some small improvement. She's able to walk a few steps & is eating much better.

Last week I returned home to my parents from Tuesday to Friday in order to help care for Aileen & give my Mum & Dad a break. Aileen continues to keep positive & is just grateful for each day, it was great to spend time with her & we had lots of laughs. I took her out in her wheelchair for some great walks down by the Mersey & we had loved reminiscing about our childhoods. On Friday we even got out for a lovely lunch at Garrett's Bistro in Bebington Village, whilst Mum & Dad got away for the day with friends.

Finally a big thank you to Ann Marie for holding the fort whilst I've been away. She's been a star, loading Alton, serving plenty of customers & sorting out lot's of other things that needed doing. So a big hug & THANKS Ann Marie.
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